About us

The Wild Masters Travel is the tour operator located in Kilimanjaro region Tanzania. It existed since year 1992 under supervision of the late Mr Basil Siara as a personal and unregistered business, the business persisted and take of  under  Mr. Living Basil his son who had this  new vision of expansion, this idea originated and built from life of his father the late Mr Basil who was working in tourism industry for years until when he passed away 1996. Now this organization is among the fast growing and most focused. Thanks now we can.

In this region the tourism business now is full of competition and everyone is doing the best trying to convince and build better environment for the clients, it’s something so good for its bringing advancement. As wild-masters we are doing our best to conquer the market. We target to customer satisfaction and make distinction of services compared to other tour operators, our profits comes later after our customer satisfaction. Have the freedom to talk your needs and we will struggle to find where you fit. Get involved in arrangements and feel yourself lucky after service. Our service also gives alternatives to every flexible part.

The wild-masters travel are focusing to be the leading customer satisfying enterprise in the region by providing quality and competitive service. We know it’s not easy but doing our best is easy for us. Our Vision is to become “The leading Customers choice”.

Why Wild-masters?

We care for you!
From the first time you get in touch to the moment you arrive for your trip of your desire, the Wildmasters team in Tanzania is there to help and advice in every step of the way.
We want to make sure you have the best experience possible, and we’re constantly trying to improve every aspect of our visitors experience which also help us to grow… We’re always here to listen to your feedback, hear your suggestions, and does everything we can to ensure you have the best possible safari.
Our job is to give our travelers the opportunity to make memories that will last their lifetime. We’re honored to be able to do that, and while we may be biased, we think we do it well.
We also need your expectations before the safari and try to learn and do your expectations, though we can’t change what the nature will bring. “We are professionally flexible”
As wildmasters we put ourselves in your shoes before we save you. You are very important to our business and that’s why we are here for you.”You are the reason of our business“.

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