Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is once in a life time opportunity and you go into record of having done the world’s number one adventure activity according to experts.
This mountain can be trekked by various routes. The most  popular ones are: Machame,Rongai,Lemosho, Marangu and Northern Circuit.

At 14,980ft (4566m), Mount Meru is the second-highest peak in Tanzania. It’s a fine trekking experience in its own right, as well as a good way to acclimatize before conquering Mount Kilimanjaro. Accommodation comes in the form of mountain huts along the trail.
You can trek Mount Meru in 3 days or 4 days. We recommend 4 days.

“OldoinyoLengai”  which translates to  “The Mountain of God” from the Maasai language is a strato-volcano that stands 2962 metres above sea level. Lengai is Tanzania’s only officially-certified active volcano, and the world’s only carbonatite volcano. The hike usually starts around midnight, with a plan to climb with head torches and be at the summit in time to watch an epic sunrise. The five to six-hour hike is heavy going and is almost solidly uphill, climbing on a path of sometimes deep sand, and other times loose rock.

6 Days Marangu