Welcome to the land of Zanzibar, Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro



These are quintessential Tanzania safari with game drives in search of the Big 5 at Serengetior wildlife spotting near Ngorongoro Crater and bird watching at Lake Manyara,Game drive to all listed parks of the popular northern circuit of Tanzania.


Climb Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, a dormant volcano covered in glaciers. Pedal through mountain villages, stopping to visit with the friendly, colorful tribes who have lived off the land for centuries.

Zanzibar Holiday

The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of several islands lying off the coast of East Africa. The archipelago is also known as the Spice Islands. There are four main islands, three primary islands with human populations,a fourth coral island that serves as an essential breeding ground for seabirds, plus a number of smaller islets that surround them and an isolated tiny islet.


Our Tanzania day trips start from Arusha, Moshi or Marangu. You can visit national parks or experience the everyday life of the indigenous people of Tanzania.At the end of the day trip, you can choose if you want to be dropped off at Kilimanjaro International Airport, at Arusha Airport or at your hotel.All day trips include a picnic lunch (lunch box) and mineral water.


Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania. Mount Meru dominates the Arusha National Park with its huge cliffs. The mountain is often used as warm-up hiking in preparation for the Kilimanjaro. However, the technical requirements are greater on Mount Meru than on the Kilimanjaro Routes. On the four-day trekking tour, you are more than likely to see giraffes, buffalos, antelopes and baboons. Therefore, a park ranger will accompany you for your safety.


“Oldoinyo Lengai” which translates to “The Mountain of God” from the Maasai language is a strato-volcano that stands 2962 metres above sea level. Lengai is Tanzania’s only officially-certified active volcano, and the world’s only carbonatite volcano. The hike usually starts around midnight, with a plan to climb with head torches and be at the summit in time to watch an epic sunrise.The five to six-hour hike is heavy going and is almost solidly uphill, climbing on a path of sometimes deep sand, and other times loose rock.


These are indigneous packages customised for Swahili speakers.Here we will have Swahili speking guides ,meals mentioned just a few. Hizi ni safari za kinyumbani zaidi ,tutawapa fursa za kuona vivutio vya watalii nahuku tukifurahia maisha kwa kadiri tuwezavyo na kudumisha taratibu Desturi zetu kwa kuwahudumia vitu vya kikwetu kama vyakula vinywaji hata hivyo huduma zitazingatia bei za kikwetu katika huduma kulingana na maeneo hayo. Pia tutaweza kuwaruhusu baadhi ya wanaoweza kuja na vitu wanavyopenda kutumia (maeneo yanayoruhusiwa yatazingatiwa).